Cybersecurity Translation

Language barriers can prove an obstruction to security.

Global companies might have inconsistent data-security policies across their country offices. Procedures intended for English-speaking countries might not be accurate or clear because they weren’t written by a native speaker. Cybersecurity solution vendors targeting English-speaking and global markets might not know how to reach end-users in their language effectively.

By translating your cybersecurity content into English professionally, you can overcome these hurdles. Did you know German has one word for ‘safety’ and ‘security’? It takes a professional to chose the right words. Don’t let language barriers get in the way of an otherwise robust cyberdefence.

Cybersecurity documentation your people understand

Your colleagues and partners need clear-cut guidelines, policies and instructions when it comes to preventing and responding to cyberattacks against your company. This could include:

  • Business Continuity Plan – to keep your company operating to the best of its ability following an attack
  • Data Backup Policy – so your employees know how to store and recover critical data securely
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – to minimise the effects of an incident on your business
  • Incident Response Policy – so your employees know exactly who needs to do what and when, should disaster strike
  • Information Security Policy – for general procedures on how your staff can keep your company digitally watertight
  • Data Security Training – so your people are as secure by design as your hardware and software

Capital Translations is perfectly positioned to help translate your cybersecurity documentation for your English-speaking staff and partners.

"Couldn't I just put it into Google Translate?"

Of course you could. But your documents need to be in clear, accurate and native English to prevent any communication gaps or misinterpretations.

Machines can and do get it wrong. Why run such a huge risk to your business? Not to mention the privacy implications of sharing your corporate policies and procedures with a global tech giant.

Cybersecurity content that sells your solutions

A huge amount of work goes into designing cybersecurity software solutions – solutions that should sell on the merit on their specifications alone. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing copy, though. If you’re bringing your cybersecurity solutions to English-speaking markets, you need a native-English language professional to transcreate your marketing copy.

It doesn’t stop there. Your end-users also expect support in their language throughout the product lifecycle.

Your marketing/aftersales copy could include:

  • Brochures
  • Ebooks
  • Installation/configuration guides
  • Training materials
  • Troubleshooting
  • Web copy
  • Whitepapers

Capital Translations draws on years of experience in producing fluent, natural texts in English, designed to boost your sales and turn end-users into brand advocates.

"Can't I get someone in my company to do it?"

Sure. But first ask yourself: Are they a native English speaker? Are they an accredited and experienced translator? Do they know the subtleties between words you might even think are pure synonyms? Can they produce natural copy that you’d never guess was translated?

If not, then you need to engage a translation professional to give your content the impact it needs and strike the right chord with your target market.