What is Translators in the City?

Translators in the City (#xl8city) will be a new series of articles focusing on the cities that translators are based in.

Since freelancers can set up almost anywhere in the world, the series seeks to find out why translators choose to set up in the cities that they do. What do certain cities offer translators and linguists in general that translators in rural areas and in other urban areas would miss out on? How can a city inspire translators?

The series will feature contributions from a handful of translators in each of the six focus cities: our colleagues reporting from the scene, if you will.

Some of our contributors were born in the featured city, so the series will look at what tempts translators not to go elsewhere. Others moved to the city, so what was it that attracted them to set up there?

We will hear from translators living in the heart of the city as well as those who prefer the tranquility of suburbia. In both cases, how can our surroundings – urban or semi-urban – motivate us as translators? And equally important, what can they offer to help take our mind off work when we want to unwind?

Translators in the City will investigate what certain cities can offer translators in terms of resources, but also social and networking opportunities. Does it have its fair share of translator events or could it do more to attract them?

So, join us here from Saturday 1st March to discover how our cities empower us to translate.