What’s behind the Capital Translations brand:Part 1 – The Name

There are lots of options when it comes to creating a name for a translation business.


By far the most popular choice is something associated with language, linguistics, or words. And why wouldn’t it be? This provides the business name with an immediate connection to the industry. Another prevalent trend is to name the business after its founder, a great way to retain a personal connection to your profession. The third, perhaps less common, possibility is a name associated with the business’s location. This conveys the idea that the business’s surroundings have a massive impact on its products and services. That’s why I’ve chosen the latter.

Capital Translations will be operating from Cardiff, capital city of Wales. And the translations that it will be offering will be, well, capital!

If you read the recent Translators in the City articles, you may have noticed that one of the reasons behind the series was my belief that translators based in big cities can use their urban surroundings to motivate and inspire themselves in their work. And Cardiff can certainly do that. Once an industrial city with the busiest port in the world, it is now a contemporary hub of business, media and the arts. And this setting will drive Capital Translations forwards.

Cardiff is a natural city for linguists. Not only are Welsh and English spoken natively, but it has a significant established community of freelance translators, LSPs and language institutions.

Capital Translations hopes to collaborate at a local level with colleagues to strengthen the translation industry’s presence in the Cardiff Capital Region and the south-west of the UK even further.

Tomorrow, I’ll explain the concept behind the logo.