What’s behind the Capital Translations brand:Part 3 – The Blogs

The Capital Translations website contains two blogs. Click on ‘Blogs +‘ in the header bar, and you will see the Translation blog and the Business/Economy blog.


The Translation blog is where you will find the major posts archived from my old website, such as the Translators in the City, The Translator Diaries and Do We Respect Our Own Languages? series. This is where I will continue to publish articles relevant to the translation and language professions and is aimed at industry colleagues, wherever they may be.

The Business/Economy blog is directed towards colleagues, clients and business in Cardiff, where I will publish material on issues related to the city’s commerce. Capital Translations will not only be deeply engaged in the translation industry, but it will also be heavily involved with the local business scene, seeking to make a positive contribution to it. It won’t be all serious stuff, though, as this blog will feature local cultural items from time to time.

Capital Translations is always open to featuring guest posts from industry professionals on relevant issues, so if you’d like to write for either blog, do get in touch.

Tomorrow, the final post of ‘What’s behind the Capital Translations brand’ will take you on a tour of the website.